Barlii - PlayBall Featured in the InsideHook

on Nov 10, 2015


Just as we were running low on our limited supply of the Barlii PlayBall iPhone 6 cases, the InsideHook featured the case which excellerated the sales of the wildly popular case.

We are sad to say that the PlayBall cases are now all sold out. But ...FEAR NOT, as a new batch of iPhone 6s cases are on their way and should be available by the end of November or early December.

The new PlayBall cases will be made of the same high quality Top-Grian Italian leather and waxed linen stitching. The main difference being that they will be optimized for the new 6s phones  and will also be available for the iPhone 6s Plus.

We have also changed the packaging to be a lot more practical, switching out the very nice paper box and linen dust bag for a high quality nondescript tin box which could be used for containing desk accessories or other nick-nacks as you see fit.

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