Get your Game Face On!

on May 31, 2016

You’re a die hard. You live and breath sports. Your passion for the game is the reason you wake up in the morning! This obsession gives you the vitality to strategize your day as if it’s in play. A self respecting sports enthusiast will carry the only quintessential sports cases available today by Barlii. You want a case that tells the world you mean business… A case that looks good no matter if you’re sporting a suit in a boardroom or out at the game. Allow us to introduce to you the cornerstone of your passion: the SlamDunk and the TouchDown.

Inspired by the success of our vintage baseball cases, our new line takes off from where the PlayBall left off. No matter your game, these iPhone 6(s) and 6(s) Plus cases have got you covered.

If basketball is your game, then the vintage “Dark Ball” will break through your defences with a crafty dribble just before the SlamDunk. Made from Italian oiled leather with deep embossed ribs, this case is not only subtle and elegant, it will provide you with the perfect grip as the palm of your hands feel the ball.

On another field, football fans have much to celebrate. Designed to turn heads, the TouchDown, made from premium boot leather, dare we say, provides a unique feel the likes of which that has never graced an iPhone before. The feel of the TouchDown leather is like a well worn football with it’s slightly raised spine, vegetable tanned leather laces and nylon stitches, this case will not only age well it will be your wide receiver.

These cases were designed to light a raging fire in the hearts of the staunchest of sports fans. Made with premium leathers and hand wrapped to perfection, they’re built with a tough yet flexible interior polycarbonate core and soft microfibre backside. All our sports cases come in an unmarked tin box allowing you to reuse the package for small tools in your carry bag or an organizer for your desk.

With our two month, no hassle guarantee and an extended two year limited warranty with registration, you have nothing to lose. Order with confidence! 

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