About Us – Barlii

About Us

Barlii is a lifestyle brand that strives to create well designed, functional products that enhance your experience with daily life. 

Our mission is captured in two words: Made Hardy. 

We believe a product should be designed to last and look good as it ages gracefully... Today's "throw away" mentality really bothers us. Hence it is our goal to make products that are both durable and classically elegant.

You can be proud to own a Barlii.

We are a family run business engaged in designing all our products in house and contract manufacture with various boutique partners. When we set out to design a product, we take into consideration quality of materials, environment, cost and ultimately, your satisfaction.  

We really hope you enjoy your Barlii experience.

If you have questions about any of our products, or if you just want to chat, we really want to hear from you:

email: hello@barlii.com




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